Explore my hands on consultation services. I offer consultation, real estate and back office services. 



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Initial Intake

  • 45 minutes – 1-hour meeting
  • I will ask you a series of questions designed to determine projects that best fits clients long-term end goals

Property Review

  • Analyzation of up to 10 properties to determine if they are profitable investment projects

Pre-Purchase Property Viewing

  • Visitation of up to 3 properties to provide a Renovation/ARV Price Recommendation

Post-Purchase Property Viewing

  • Bi-Weekly visits to property for analyzation to ensure project is on track

Phone Consultations

  • Consultations via phone or email for any questions or situations that arise during the consultation period 

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Real Estate 

Property Acquisition

  • Representation as clients Real Estate Agent for the purchase of a property

Sale of Property

  • Representation as clients Real Estate Agent for the sale a property

Property Advertisement

  • Initial uploading of property advertisement for sale or rental to 3rd party online real estate websites

Sheriff Sale Property Selection

  • Select profitable properties from the sheriff sale publication based on your purchasing goals and budget

  • Provide the maximum bid amount you should not exceed to ensure you stay within your budget and turn a profit on the property

Sheriff Sale Attendance

  • Attend the sheriff sale on your behalf and purchase/bid on the properties you have selected.


Back Office

Record Keeping

  • Electronically organize and file all paperwork relating to a project

  • Not to extend past 6 months if purchased separately

  • Spending Report

  • Financial tracker of all expenses and paid receipts

  • Files will be shared and stored in an online storage system

LLC Formation

  • Formation of a LLC for a real estate holding company to also include a Federal EIN

  • Operating Agreement

  • Registration of Municipal business license accounts (Additional Fee)