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"Dreams are for when you sleep, Goals are what you work towards" -NK

     I am a Real Estate Agent and Investor that has created a lane for myself within the Philadelphia real estate market. As a single mother at the age of fifteen with minimal family support, I was able to become a real estate investor by the age of 28. I began my journey as a Real Estate Broker assistant and then moved on to be an assistant for a major investor which also consisted of running his thriving plumbing and construction business.

           Once I had positioned myself to branch out on my own, I became a full-time real estate agent specializing in real estate investment. I also began conducting profitable investment projects. After personally experiencing and seeing the need for more concrete knowledge based workshops to help guide aspiring investors, I decided to write a book and create a consulting company that would help diminish this void.

     I am the owner and operator of NK Consulting Real Estate Consulting LLC that gives personal hands-on guidance for new and unsuccessful investors to conduct profitable projects without the red tape. My mission is to help the underdog get a piece of the American pie... REAL ESTATE. 



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728 S. Broad Street, 3rd Floor
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email: nechelle@nkrealestateconsulting.com
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