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The 16 Keys to Successful Real Estate Investment

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Ne`Chelle Kennedy

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TITLE: The 16 Keys to Successful Real Estate Investment

AUTHOR: Ne`Chelle Kennedy

PUBLISHER: NK Real Estate Consulting, LLC


RETAIL PRICE: $12.00 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-0998912905

PAGES: 130


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" The 16 Keys to Successful Real Estate Investment is a book designed specifically for those who want a simplified guideline to successfully investing in real estate and building a profitable portfolio. This book is easy to read without the unnecessary fluff and hard to reach resources.
Throughout the book, it covers the 16 essential components of a real estate investment project ranging from deciding whether to do a flip or hold project, the funding and effective renovation techniques just to name a few. This book was written for the person who has no guidance, or like the most of us, can’t afford to pay a mentor thousands of dollars for mentorship.
This book is not built upon the basis of a get rich quick scheme and the false promises of learning how to make a million dollars with zero investment. This book is written for those who are willing to build their real estate portfolio, one brick at a time and grow generational wealth with realistic monetary investments, dedication and hard work.
It’s thorough, instructional and to the point. written for those who are willing to build their real estate portfolio, one brick at a time and grow generational wealth with realistic monetary investments, dedication and hard work. "

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"The 16 Keys to Successful Real Estate Investment
To become a successful real estate investor, you must possess the knowledge base of what, when, where and how an investment project is conducted. There is a universal formula that an investment project adheres to. It has never been easier or more possible than right now to build your real estate investment portfolio. Ne`Chelle Kennedy, also known as the Realest in Real Estate for her clairvoyancy, will show you how, step-by-step, in her new book The 16 Keys to Successful Real Estate Investment."


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Ne`Chelle Kennedy has spent her career in real estate. As a Realtor, real estate investor and author, she has an honest and revealing approach on how aspiring investors should be led on their real estate investment journey.

Ne`Chelle is currently the owner and chief executive operator of NK Real Estate Consulting, LLC; a company solely designed to assist aspiring and unsuccessful real estate investors with a hands on approach.

A single mother at the age of fifteen with minimal family support, she was able to become a real estate investor by the age of 28. She began her career as a failed real estate agent then years later came through the back door of the industry as a broker's assistant in a small family-owned real estate brokerage. She then moved on to be an assistant for a real estate investor and developer who also owned a plumbing and contracting company. She handled all of the day to day operations for his multi-million dollar producing infrastructure.  

Once she had positioned herself to branch out on her own, she became a full-time real estate agent specializing in real estate investing and she began doing her investment projects. After personally experiencing and seeing the need for more concrete knowledge to guide aspiring investors, she decided to write a book and create a consulting company that would help diminish that void.

While she has and continues to work hard towards achieving all of her entrepreneurial goals, it is not the main priority in her life. That position belongs to her daughter. With her daughter's father being deceased, she values the importance of being an attentive parent even more. They have plans of beginning the next phases of their lives together in Florida once her daughter graduates high school.

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Interview Topics

Real Estate is No Longer a Sport Exclusive to the Elite

Living in the new day and age of technology and the explosion of entrepreneurship, real estate investing is now an accessible means of transportation for the lower and middle-class American.  The majority of the worlds millionaires have created their wealth through real estate. Wealth created through real estate has an enticement for many, but without the proper knowledge base,  it can create extensive debt. You can learn how to avoid the pitfalls of real estate investing through this formational interview.


Everything You Need to Know in Regards to Every Aspect of Conducting a Successful Real Estate Investment Project

Starting a career or secondary form of income through real estate investing takes more than having financing and a good deal. It takes having the right knowlege base of what goes into a real estate investment project and knowing the formula to create a maximized profit margin. In this interview, Ne`Chelle illuminates the critical intangibles you will need in order to set yourself up to be a profitable real estate investor.


Knowing Where to Seek the Correct Strategies for Real Estate Investing Makes a Big Difference.

Many people attend seminars or take expensive courses offered through real estate gurus, but still lack the adequate knowledge and support to conduct a profitable real estate investment project. There are universal key factors that they could learn that would make the difference between their loss or profit. These are all techniques Ne`Chelle has learned over the past 6 years of being in the industry, a period in which she has learned the right, the wrong and the right way of doing the wrong thing that creates a profit. Her experience will allow aspiring and unsuccessful investors the chance to avoid common pitfalls.


Sample Interview Questions

  • What are the top 3 Keys for conducting a successful real estate investment project?

  • What do you feel is currently missing from other workshops being offered?

  • Why do you say now is the best time to start building a real estate portfolio?

  • How does a person with bad credit or low liquidated funds get started?

  • How did you get interested in the real estate investing?

  • What prompted you to write the book?

  • Once you have a financing, how do you go about finding good deals?

  • What mistakes did you make that others should avoid when conducting a project?

  • What do you say to those who claim to be too busy to build a platform?

  • Who would benefit from this book?

  • What role has social media played in developing your platform?

  • Your book has 16 parts, how do they align into phases of a project?

  • Why do think it is important to start with figuring out what type of project one will do?

  • In chapter 14, you talk about politics, how do they relate to an average person involved in real estate investing?

  • What would you say is the most critical part of turning a profit on a project?

  • What is the number one mistake you see investors make?

  • why do you feel real estate investing is the best route for people to accumulate wealth?

  • Who would you say you wrote this book for?

  • How do you feel the odds have been stacked against you more so than others?

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